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HEART SHAKER TWICE embroidered shirt

HEART SHAKER TWICE embroidered shirt

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Elevate your style with our pink Twice "Heart Shaker" design t-shirt. This unique garment features an embroidered alarm that's sounding and vibrating, adding a playful and distinctive touch to your wardrobe.

Key Features:

💖 "Heart Shaker" Design: This t-shirt pays homage to the iconic song "Heart Shaker" by Twice. The embroidered alarm design captures the fun and catchy spirit of the song.

🌸 Vibrant Pink: The pink color adds a lively and charming element to your outfit, making this t-shirt perfect for various occasions and spreading good vibes.

⏰ Playful Embroidery: The embroidered alarm that's sounding and vibrating adds a whimsical and unique twist to this t-shirt, reflecting the playful nature of Twice's music.

🎵 Express Your Love: Whether you're a dedicated Once or simply appreciate Twice's music and charm, this t-shirt allows you to express your support in a stylish and fun way.

Make the "Heart Shaker" spirit a part of your daily style with our pink t-shirt. Order yours today and join the community of fans who adore the catchiness and energy of Twice.

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